Month: December 2012

Oh, hai 2013!

2012 is almost over here in Puerto Rico and I thought I’d write an end of the year post since I’ve been silent for quite a while.

On my 27th birthday my husband said this exact words to me: “Now you’ve got only 3 years to become someone.”

Some people think it sounds harsh but, to me, they were an eyeopener. Since then, I’ve been climbing up that mountain and not letting anyone stop me.

Self-publishing a book, being a semester away from finishing my Masters, cutting my hair to donate it to Locks of Love encouraged by my good friend Sheena Ashby (for whom I kindly ask you to donate here), and a super exciting project that is already in production: a short film with actors from around the world reading my poem ‘A Study on Character Development‘.

12 countries already confirmed, video submissions trickling in, this will be one project to watch.

I’ve knocked on a lot of doors and, slowly but surely, they’re opening for me. Met some wonderful people, reconnected with others I hadn’t seen in a very long time.

Going back, 2012 hasn’t sucked at all. And, even if we all fall down the fiscal cliff, I know 2013 will bring, if not money, many other wonderful things.

May we all fight the good fight.

Have a safe New Year’s Eve!