Month: August 2013

The Caregiver Series new covers and unveiling of Book 3’s.

The Caregiver Series new covers and unveiling of Book 3's.

What started as a standalone short story grew into a series. Now that the release of Book 3, THE BEAST, is only months away and book 4 is in the brainstorming phase, I believe the series needed a design overhaul and here’s the result.

Check out the covers of THE CAREGIVER and TORN live at the Kindle Store by clicking on the picture.

August 20, 2013

Drawing the curtains, walking out to the terrace, looking out into the sky and the sun shining on the horizon, I feel like I’ve been living inside a cave for the past months. It’s during moments like these that I feel I must have gone insane, that I’ve lost my mind somewhere. It’s the writing, you know? For two months I’ve lived half my days in another world.

And as I close the document that will become the third book in The Caregiver Series, a voice whispers into my ear:

“Welcome back to the real world, we’ve been waiting for you.”