The Last Superhero Launch Day!

3D-Book-PromoGrab your drink of choice because this is launch day!!

I have guests coming over tonight so I won’t be able to mingle in cyberspace for long but still wanted to leave a note about the launch because it’s been better than I expected. Setting the book for pre-order was a breeze thanks to all the cyberknowledge available to date about the process, however, it was still nerve-wracking! I’ve never been this nervous about a book launch — fact that puzzles Hubby to no end. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve done so much marketing for it or that it’s a story that’s lived with me for longer than the others and having it go public is actually a big thing for me. Whatever it is, I’m glad its turned out to be such a fun ride and to feel the enormous support given by family and friends.

So, for you, the acknowledgements of the book:

For everyone who believed in Steven from the get-go

and for those who will believe in him from now on.

For those who cheered for this story since its conception,

and for the one who stomped his foot and told me to stop.

For now I know better, for now life has taught me so much.

For now I feel I’ve finally given Steven and Giana

what they always hoped for.


❤ ❤ ❤

If you still don’t have your copy you can order from Amazon, buy signed copies, or enter a giveaway!


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