The Tale of the Missing Tail

Wow. This week’s been a roller-coaster of emotions! If you follow me on Twitter or if we’re friends on Facebook than you know my cat Jin-Jing was missing for five straight days. I posted about it on social media and was ready to start hanging fliers all over my neighborhood when, come Monday morning, I heard her meowing for me to let her in through the back door. Exactly like she’s used to do every morning (she was rescued from the streets and even when she’s spayed, she’s remained an outdoor cat).

She was home, safe but not entirely sound. She was walking funny and when I got a look of her tail, that was when I had to take my hands to my head. She’d lost all hair and skin and muscle right around the middle or her tail, with a bit of bone exposed. We’ve come to the conclusion that whatever happened to her happened the same day she disappeared since the lower half of her tail already reeked.

We had to run to the vet so he could tell us what we already knew: there was no way he could save her tail.

It was heartbreaking but we knew she was in good hands. Hours later, we went to pick our redesigned JJ.

JJ back from the vet

Of course, like any vet procedure, this came at a price. One we couldn’t afford just now. So I decided to set up a gofundme page and that’s when both Hubby and I were floored. The response from family and friends was overwhelming. So many sent JJ good wishes we can say the good vibes have helped her recover from her surgery pretty fast. We have to thank each and every one who helped us spread the news while she was missing, cover the cost of her surgery, and have been keeping JJ in their thoughts. We’ll be forever in debt with you. ❤

2015-02-27 09.51.08

And yes. She’s grounded. For life.

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