The Last Superhero Pre-order and Goodreads Giveaway!

Even heroes have the right to bleed…

Everybody knows that Steven S. Waldorf, the last superhero to roam the Earth, died twenty-eight years ago. What everyone ignores is that not only is he still alive, but being kept under the protection of the United State’s government.

That until, one night, he finds himself saving a young woman from getting mugged.

Giana is no ordinary twenty-nine year old, though. She’s witty, badmouthed, and once she’s set her focus on something nothing can make her stray from her goal.

Even if that means putting her life on the line to save the man she’s come to know and love from the nightmares that torment him.


The Last Superhero is up for pre-order over at Amazon. Publishing date is set to December 24 but I can assure you I’ll make it earlier if I can. In the meantime, pre-order here (link updated to a geographically aware one) and make this author eternally grateful. ๐Ÿ˜€

Want to try your luck at a giveaway better? You can win one of two ARC copies through this Goodreads giveaway!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Last Superhero by Astrid 'Artistikem' Cruz

The Last Superhero

by Astrid ‘Artistikem’ Cruz

Giveaway ends December 13, 2014.

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I’m excited and scared and excited again. *dies*


Read and E-book Week

Read an Ebook Week

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Out now! THE BEAST (Book 3 of The Caregiver Series)

Yay! Happy dances are in order. The Beast has been released!

The Beast

The trip to Puerto Rico proves to be even worse than the nightmare Scarlett thought it would. Adrian’s assassination starts what becomes a series of revelations that will bring her face to face with demons from her past.

Stakes get higher as she learns this is more than a government conspiracy but a personal vendetta led by a man scarred by the same two people who made Scarlett’s early years a living hell.

Everyone she loves is in danger and she’s vowed to protect them no matter what. And they’ve vowed to fight by her side in return. What she isn’t counting on is that in love and war, sacrifices must be made.

Get your copy now!




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